MyVegas Bingo Tips: #1 MyVegas Bingo Rewards & Guide

MyVegas Bingo is the newest game from Playstudios, the creators of MyVegas, Pop Slots, and other games.

In this guide, we go over:

Before we get into the good stuff, let’s take a look at what MyVegas Bingo is and define a few some terminology for those that are not familiar with the game.

What is MyVegas Bingo?

myvegas bingo tips

MyVegas Bingo is a free mobile bingo game. The game sees players take to the Las Vegas strip to unlock boxes, complete challenges, and earn power-ups as they play. Players can unlock various resorts and find collectibles. The power-ups are meant to enhance gameplay.

Bingo is tied into other MyVegas games. Players can earn real-world rewards in Las Vegas and other affiliated resorts. Reward points are redeemable and earned from different sectors, including food, leisure, and entertainment. 

Players can team up with up to 30 friends to form clubs. They can compete in tournaments with other bingo clans to earn mega-bingo jackpots. 

MyVegas Bingo is available for download on iOS and Android.

The Bingo app links to your existing myVEGAS account. You can purchase Rewards and see them in your Wallet in all affiliated games:

  1. My KONAMI Slots
  2. myVEGAS Slots 
  3. myVEGAS Facebook game
  4. Pop Slots
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How to Play

After you install the game, playing Bingo is easy. Your goal is to mark (“daub”) bingo patterns by matching numbered balls on your board to ones picked randomly.

You play bingo alongside other players in the room. The more patterns you match, the more chips you earn in the game. Once all of the Bingos are called, the round is over.

You can use chips to play multiple bingo cards at one time. If you increase your bet, you have the opportunity to unlock the jackpot and win more.

MyVegas Bingo Definitions

Here of the most important terminologies you are likely to come across as you read this guide:

  • Loyalty Points (LP) – In Bingo, Loyalty Points are used to redeem stuff on the strip. You can earn LP when you play MyVegas Bingo by completing tasks. 
  • Diamonds – These are earned by using tickets (see below) in the slots, the Prize Store, and by completing tasks in the game.
  • Chips – Chips are the in-game currency that you need to play the game. You earn chips by playing bingo and collecting bonuses.
  • White tickets – These are earned through the Ticket Powerup while playing Bingo. You can use white tickets in the slot machine side-games to earn diamonds.
myvegas bingo tips white tickets


MyVegas Bingo comes with some features, including:

Huge Power-ups

The power-ups in the game are designed to enhance the gameplay and make players more engaged. They add temporary benefits or extra abilities to the players.

Bingo Bonuses

These are in-app promotions that you earn and can be spent on tickets regardless of the bingo game you choose to play.

Club Bingo Party

MyVegas Bingo has a feature called Club Bingo party where players can team up with their friends to play the game. Your group can compete in tournaments and trade collectibles tokens won in the game. 

Joining a Club Bingo group allows you to earn Loyalty Points and coins faster than if you play by yourself.

Virtual Chips

Players can earn virtual chips in MyVegas Bingo to unlock bingo boxes. These chips do not have any real-world value, but give you more in-game points to use.

Easy to Play

Playing the MyVegas Bingo game doesn’t require any equipment. The rules are not stringent either. If you enjoy the MyVegas slots games (including Pop Slots), Bingo is just as easy to play.

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Why You Should Play MyVegas Bingo

Here are reasons to consider playing MyVegas Bingo:

  • MyVegas Bingo is free to play online
  • Players can earn real-world prizes, such as casino stays, cruises to the Bahamas, and more
  • Players can earn massive progressive jackpots and unlock new content
  • Collect secret rewards to win big prizes at real casinos
  • Play up to 4 bingo cards against other real players to earn huge bingo chips
  • Join the MyVegas Bingo Club and win alongside your friends.

Club Bingo

Club Bingo is the multiplayer part of MyVegas Bingo. You and up to 30 of your friends can form a group party. Together, you compete in different tournaments and trade your earned collectibles.

You earn coins and loyalty points fasterr when you join a Club Bingo team.

Additionally, while playing the main Bingo game, you can collect club Bingo balls which you can use in the club. Club balls are the native currency that’s used to cover or coat squares on club members’ bingo boards.

All participants in the club have an exclusive Club Bingo page where club balls can be called and each player can track their performance. Daubing the collected club balls adds to the bingo board. The bingo board is a unique card assigned to each club member to track the progress of club balls when called. 

Rewards are earned immediately when the full board is blacked out.

myvegas bingo tips

MyVegas Bingo App Tips

The following tips will help you maximize your experience of the MyVegas Bingo game:

Get More Points

Players can get more points if they hit the correct dice on time. As the host announces the dice, you need to instantly hit the right dice to earn more reward points and the bingo bonus.

Unlock Slots

You will unlock a casino slot upon successfully completing a round. Each round is timed, so your ability to complete a round on time will earn you the potential to upload a new slot.

Each slot unlocks new content in the game and more bonuses.

Open More Bingo Boxes

To open more Bingo Boxes, you need to collect all the collectibles in the “Achievement Task” menu. The task menu is located in the upper right of your screen.

Earn Diamonds In MyVegas Bingo

You can earn diamonds by using tickets in the Prize Store, the Slots, and by completing tasks or achievements.

Diamonds are what you spend to buy real life rewards.

What are your favorite MyVegas Bingo tips? Comment down below and help others out!

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