My KONAMI Slots App Tips | What is My KONAMI Slots?

Are you planning a trip to Las Vegas anytime soon? You can double up the amount of free myVEGAS rewards you earn by playing the My KONAMI Slots app in addition to myVEGAS! My KONAMI Slots brings authentic real Las Vegas casino action to the palm of your hand.

In this guide, we have put together KONAMI basics, how to play the game, and useful tips to enable you to earn rewards. Before we get started, let’s take a look at what my KONAMI Slots is and define a few terminologies for the benefit of new players

What Is My KONAMI Slots?

what is my konami slots?

Developed by PlayStudios and updated regularly, this mobile app includes authentic land-based slots from Konami, such as Lion Festival and China Mystery. The game is free to download and in-app purchases can be made from $0.99 to $99.99. My KONAMI is a sister game to myVEGAS Slots and the two share a lot of the same rewards, interfaces, and features.

New slots are added to the app all the time and a number of progressive jackpots are always waiting to increase your virtual bankroll. Free bonus chips are made available throughout the day.

Frequent players can rack up loyalty points to spend on meals, shows, cruises, and even VIP access to the hottest nightclubs.

The My KONAMI app links to your existing myVEGAS account. You can purchase Rewards and see them in your Wallet in all affiliated games:

  1. My KONAMI Slots
  2. myVEGAS Slots
  3. myVEGAS Blackjack
  4. myVEGAS Facebook game

If you’re visiting Vegas, you can really rack up the myVEGAS Loyalty Points if you play all apps at the same time.

My KONAMI Terminologies

Two of the most important terminologies you are likely to come across as you read this guide are as follow:

  • Loyalty Points (LP): Loyalty Points are gold coins which are used to redeem stuff on the strip. You can earn LP when you play KONAMI Slots or myVEGAS and the LP’s combine for all games.
  • Chips: Chips are the in-game currency that you need to play the game. Your chips are separate for My KONAMI and other games individually.

My KONAMI App Tips

my konami app tips

The following tips will help you play My KONAMI and earn loyalty points fast.

Bet Size

At low chip counts under 50 million, you want to keep your bet size small. The basic logic is that you earn loyalty points for spinning through chips, so you want to maximize the number of spins you have.

If you have a large bankroll, increase your bet size until the jackpot indicator changes color & you’re notified that the jackpot is enabled. This will give you the chance to earn chips and loyalty points fast.

There is a theory online that you should bet higher for new games and games being promoted because these games pay off better at the start. This rumor is not confirmed.


You must stay constantly connected to the internet in order to play My KONAMI.

Daily Maximum Loyalty Points (LPs)

Do not play the game once you reach your daily Loyalty Point limit. There will be a lock symbol over your loyalty points amount and you won’t be able to earn any more until the next day.

Since the entire point of playing My KONAMI is to earn loyalty points, don’t play when this happened.

Get More Chips

Before you start playing the game, stock up on chips.

If you start the game with a good set of chips, you will be able to earn a good amount of LP initially before having to re-stock.

Check your account daily to collect your daily gift to keep your My KONAMI chips up. Every 2 hours, ensure you collect time bonus for VIP gems and easy chips.

If use the auto spin option, pay attention to the completion of challenges. Otherwise, you will end up spending your chips in return for minimal Loyalty Points.

My KONAMI Rewards List 

my konami rewards list

The My KONAMI app contains the same rewards as myVEGAS. We have a guide that shows all 450+ rewards available to redeem.

There are extra My KONAMI Freeplay rewards that are specific to this app. These rewards are not available in the other myVEGAS apps.

My KONAMI Freeplay rewards cost 100,000 loyalty points and then can be redeemed for $25 at the casino listed on the reward. These more than the 56,250 loyalty points that $25 Freeplay rewards cost in the myVEGAS app.

The reason the My KONAMI Freeplay’s cost more is because you do NOT have to stay at an MGM property in order to redeem and use them.

My KONAMI Daily Bonus

My KONAMI Slots has a unique daily bonus that better than MyVEGAS. The daily bonus multipliers are as follows:

  • 10% more value (unlock at level 5)
  • 25% more value (unlock at level 15)
  • 50% more value (unlock at level 50)
  • 100% more value (unlock at level 100)   

My KONAMI Games 

my konami slots games

Games in this app are based on real Las Vegas casino slot machines. Below are some of my KONAMI games:

  • Lotus Land
  • Classy Roses
  • China Shores
  • Flamenco Flare
  • Sparkling Roses
  • Celestial Moon Riches
  • Chili Chili Fire
  • China Mistery
  • A’coins Matey
  • Money Galaxy
  • Dragon’s Law
  • Volcanic Rock Fire
  • Jumpin Jalapenos Jackpots

My KONAMI Features

my konami features

Action-Stacked Symbols

The action-stacked symbols feature creates sections across all the reels in a game that picks one single symbol to stack for that spin. With a little luck, players will see these sets of stacked symbols fill up their pay lines for big wins.

Also, many games have separate bonus features that tie into the action-stacked symbols feature. For example, players may see the reels get nudged into higher payouts with the right set of lucky frames.

Other variations on standard play include dynamic reels that can morph after a spin. In certain games, players may see new wild symbols appear to fill out lines, or they may see low-value spaces disappear to make room for big winners.

The Balance Of Fortune Features

The Balance of Fortune feature offers winners a choice in how their bonus game plays out, usually based around a more certain smaller payout versus a riskier shot at a big return.


You can add your favorite games by tapping on the game’s heart icon.

What My KONAMI Slots app tips would you recommend? Do you have a favorite game in the app?

Use the comment box below and let us know.

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