myVEGAS Complimentary Room Calendars – 1 & 2 Nights [2021 Update]

Are you looking to redeem a free Las Vegas hotel in the myVEGAS app? Every hotel has a list of available dates when free room night are available.

Use the myVEGAS room calendars below to make sure the dates your want are available before you book your room.

myVegas Room Calendars Gone

MyVEGAS room calendars were only in the game up until the end of August 2020. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the available dates for free hotel stays varies. However because of this, refunds of hotel rooms are also easy and unlimited.

So to see what dates are available, just purchase a free room night in the myVEGAS app and if the dates you are travelling are not available, you can easily issue a refund within the app.

Make sure you are signed up with an MLife account before you redeem any rewards by clicking here.

Las Vegas Complimentary One Night Room Calendars

The calendars below show the availability days for complimentary one night stays up until the mid-way point of 2020. We will update these calendars as new ones become available.





Mandalay Bay

MGM Grand

The Mirage

New York New York

Park MGM


Two Night myVEGAS Complimentary Room Calendars

Players who spend real money in the myVEGAS app get access to premium two night stays at myVEGAS hotels.

The amount that you have to spend isn’t published but it is widely believed that you need to spend between $60 and $100.

If you don’t see two night options in the myVEGAS app under the Rooms Category then you haven’t spent enough money to see these tier 2 rewards.

Here are the two night complimentary room calendars.


The rest of the updated two night room calendars are coming soon!

Requirements to Book Complimentary Room in myVEGAS

In order to book your free night stay in a Las Vegas hotel, you must be an Mlife member.

Click here to sign up for an MLife account now.

When you redeem a free complimentary room in the myVEGAS app, you’ll enter your MLife email address. Details about how to redeem your room will be emailed to you.

You’ll have to log in to your MLife account in order to complete the booking.

What free hotel rooms in Las Vegas have you redeemed lately? Comment below and let us know what good deals you’ve found!

if any of the calendars appear to have changed, let us know and we will update them for everyone.

19 thoughts on “myVEGAS Complimentary Room Calendars – 1 & 2 Nights [2021 Update]”

  1. I am going with my partner and we have separate myvegas and mlife accounts.

    Can we each book the 2 night comp rooms for the Excalibur for a 4 night stay. (2 separate bookings) eg: myself sun/mon , my partner tue/wed

    Thanks for any help

    • You can I did it with my husband and it worked just tell them upon arrival and they will accommodate you by keeping you in the same room. Safe travels

  2. Hello, i am looking to book a room in October but i can’t see any available calendar dates for October. Do you know where i can find these? Thank you!

  3. I am an MLife member and would like to book a 2 night comp stay for June 21 and 22 in 2021. I am also a veteran. Please let me know if I am eligible for the comp nights and if there is a cost, do I qualify for a discount?

  4. How can I access my myvrgas account if I had to create a new Facebook account. Can I just use my mlife account which I have claimed several rewards before.

    • The exact amount you had to spend seems to fluctuate and is not black and white. It is around $150 USD though so you should be close.

  5. The calendars above show June dates for New York New York but on the app it says you must travel before May 31st. Can you advise?

      • The calendars above are 2020. I redeemed a two night comp reward and went into my mgm account and there are no dates showing for June yet. Hopefully will release those soon.!!

  6. How can I redeem free hotel stays on the MyVegas App? There are only 25 percent off. No comp rooms for the rewards. How come?


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