#1 MyVEGAS Facebook Guide: How to Get Free Chips on Facebook

This myVEGAS Facebook guide is to help new users get started playing the myVEGAS game on Facebook. This guide stays away from the mobile app version of the game because there is enough of a difference between the two.

Worth noting, any gold loyalty points (LP) you earn on Facebook can be used and redeemed through the mobile app and vice versa as long as you sync your Facebook account into the mobile app. The myVEGAS rewards you can redeem are the same through Facebook and through the mobile app (for the most part other than some Konami only rewards).

Unlike the mobile app, the myVEGAS Facebook game offers regular chip rewards that get you up to 500,000,000 chips for free. We have all of the links to get free myVEGAS Facebook chips listed below in the guide!

MyVEGAS Facebook Introduction

Just like the mobile version, myVEGAS Facebook is a virtual slot machine game. You spend purple chips in order to spin for the chance to win more chips. As you spin, you’ll earn gold loyalty points which can be used to redeem real life rewards in Las Vegas.

You must be an MLife member in order to redeem any rewards, so click here to sign up now and save a step later (will open in a new tab).

Unlike the mobile version, it is easier for most people to leave the myVEGAS Facebook app open in the background or on a second monitor. For the most part, you can leave the app running in the background without much interferance.

How to start playing myVEGAS on Facebook

To get started, click here to access the myVEGAS Facebook page. You’ll see the following splash screen as the game is loading up.

myvegas facebook splash screen

After the game loads up, you’re chips, loyalty points, and level information are displayed at the top banner.

myvegas facebook top information bar

In the main area of the screen, you will see a list of slot machine games that you can launch and begin spinning on. Have a look through the games and launch one of the apps to start spinning.

myvegas facebook home screen

MyVEGAS Facebook Changes February 2020

An update to the myVEGAS Facebook game around February 19th, 2020 may have changed and limited the number of loyalty points you earn in the app.

If you follow our strategy guide below, check and see if you still get as many LP as advertised.

Comment at the bottom of this post and help us figure out whats going on since the new update!

How to Get Free myVEGAS Chips on Facebook

Unlike mobile, you can get free chips on the myVEGAS Facebook app really easily. Below are a list of websites that offer free chip promotions.

You can go back up to 2 weeks on links and redeem each reward individually. Click on redeem and let your myVEGAS Facebook game load up and deposit your free chips.

If you simply keep track of these free chips each day, you shouldn’t need to purchase any more. You should also be able to earn gold loyalty coins indefinitely without ever running out of chips as long as you follow the guide below.

The websites for earning free myVEGAS chips are Facebook are:

myVEGAS Facebook Strategy Guide

Once you are loaded up with a ton of free purple chips, you can start playing and earning gold loyalty points.

You can experiment with the different slot machine games in the app, but pick one that requires low/no interference or clicking. You want the app to work in the background and you don’t want to constantly be checking up on it.

Lotus Land is one slot machine game that doesn’t require a lot of interference.

Set your bet amount to the minimum and set the myVEGAS Facebook app on autospin. To start, count and make sure that you gain loyalty points every 10-12 spins. If it is taking you too many spins to get LP, then you’ll want to find a different slot game with a slightly higher minimum bet (eg. 5,000 per spin instead of 4,000).

Set your myVEGAS Facebook app to autospin and exit out of any windows that stop your autospin.

Can You Play myVEGAS Facebook Forever?

Thanks to k0unitX on Reddit for these stats.

My loss ratio on Electro-Link, betting 5k, was only around 50k chips/hr for example. I was getting around 800 LP/hr and there’s always at least 1 million of free chips to be had daily (using the links above). So you should be able to play literally 24/7, gaining LP somewhat efficiently, without spending any money.

What other myVEGAS Facebook tips and tricks do you have to offer? Comment below and help others out!

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