myVEGAS Premium Rewards Guide: Maximize Your Free Stuff in Vegas

Are you confused about the myVEGAS premium rewards policy? Do you want to maximize the number of rewards you have available in Vegas?

Keep reading for all of the answers to your questions!

What is a myVEGAS Premium Reward?

The myVEGAS app denotes a premium reward as one that gives you complimentary anything at the MGM Resort properties on the Las Vegas Strip.

For example, a free buffet or a complimentary room stay is considered a premium reward. Any 2-for-1 or 50% off deals are not premium.

The only exception to this rule are that casino FREEPLAY’s also count as premium rewards.

How many myVEGAS Premium Rewards Can I Book at a time?

You are allowed to book 3 premium rewards within a 30 day window. For most users, this means that you can book 3 for your vacation to Vegas. If you travel there twice in a 30 day window, you can book a fourth reward 31 days after you use your first.

The booking window is different than the expiry window. All myVEGAS rewards have an expiry date which the reward must be booked by.

You can buy more than 3 premium rewards and book them all in as long as only 3 occur in a 30-day window.

How to Get More Premium Rewards in myVEGAS

If you want to see a 4th premium reward in your account, then you have to spend real world money inside of the app.

There is no published amount which unlocks a 4th reward, but myVEGAS players report seeing them after $50 of real-world spend in the game.

You can check how many premium rewards you have by opening the myVEGAS app and navigating to

Can You Redeem More Than 1 Complimentary Hotel Room?

Only one of your premium rewards may be used towards a free Las Vegas hotel room.

If you are travelling with a spouse or friend, each of you can book one complimentary hotel room and combine your reservations over the phone or at the front desk when you arrive.

Are non-Vegas Rewards Premium?

Rewards at other properties which are not located on the Strip do not follow these same premium rules. These rewards are still a maximum of 3 in 30 days unless you’ve unlocked more by spending money.

You should always read the “more information” paragraph for all of the details on each reward.

Best Non-Premium myVEGAS Rewards

Out of all of the myVEGAS rewards, here are some of our favorite non-premium rewards which you can buy as many as you can of:

  1. 2-for-1 buffets at each hotel
  2. 50% off Cirque du Soleil tickets
  3. 2-for-1 beers at Tom’s Urban in New York New York

Do you have any other myVEGAS premium reward questions? Comment below and let us know!

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