How to Redeem Rewards in myVEGAS [Step by Step]

Have you earned enough loyalty points in the myVEGAS app that its time to redeem a reward? If you want a tutorial on how to redeem rewards in myVEGAS then you’ve come to the right spot.

Our guide below includes screenshots from the latest February 2020 update so it’s not outdated like other websites!

What Rewards Can You Redeem in myVEGAS?

With myVEGAS loyalty points, you can redeem free Las Vegas hotel stays, show tickets, food, and more.

We have a list of every single reward in myVEGAS here so that you can check out each reward and how many points you need.

Before You Redeem

In order to redeem rewards in myVEGAS, you must be an MLife member. MLife is the loyalty program for MGM Resort properties around the world.

As an MLife member, you’ll be able to track all of your hotel, room, casino, food, and attraction purchases. You gain points for all purchases, which will let you redeem more free things in the future.

When you redeem a myVEGAS reward, you’ll be required to login to your MLife account in order to activate it.

If you aren’t an MLife member yet, click here to head straight to the sign up page so that you are ready for later.

How to Redeem Rewards in myVEGAS

redeem rewards in myvegas

Redeem rewards in the myVEGAS app now with our step by step guide below.

Total Time: 10 days

Open the myVEGAS Rewards

From the home screen of the myVEGAS app, click on REWARDS on the bottom banner.

Select a Partner

Select the Partner you want to redeem your reward from. You can also sort by different Categories and look through rewards that way.

Choose a myVEGAS Reward

redeem rewards in myvegas

When you’ve decided on your reward, make sure you have more gold loyalty points that what the reward costs. Click on your reward.

Terms and Conditions

Always read everything about the reward so that you don’t have any confusion. Click on Learn More and read the terms. Then, click on Click Reward Terms and Conditions to learn more.

When you are satisfied, click the check box beside I have read and agree to all Terms and Conditions and then click on Next.

Confirm myVEGAS Reward Redemption

Enter in your First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Use the same Email as what you used when you signed up for your MLife account.

Then, click on the Confirm button.

Redemption Code

When you’ve redeemed your reward successfully, you will see a redemption code. Details on your reward will be emailed to you.

Final myVEGAS Redemption Step

myvegas new update

Next, you will receive an email with the specifics for redeeming your reward. These specifics can vary between rewards, but are generally the following steps:

1) Click on the redemption code link provided in the email.
2) If you aren’t yet, you’ll have to sign in to your MLife account.
3) Select the dates that you would like to use your reward. If you don’t have to select your reward date in advance, this won’t apply to you.
4) Check out and wait for your confirmation email.

What To Do When You Get To Vegas

If you’ve done a hotel redemption or show redemption, follow the instructions in your email once you get to Vegas. You should be able to head straight to the front desk of your hotel and check in. If you don’t have your show tickets yet, they should be available at the Will Call window.

For food, buffet, FREEPLAY, nightlife, and other rewards, you have an extra step to complete.

When you get to the hotel where your reward is, look for the MLife Rewards table that is usually setup near the casino of each hotel.

You’ll have to open up your myVEGAS app and show the desk the code you received when you redeemed rewards inside of the app. The person at the desk will validate your code and give you a voucher so that you can use your reward.

Now you are free to go and use it!

Have you had the chance to redeem rewards in myVEGAS yet? Comment below and let us know what you redeemed!

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    • Yes you can, you just need an MLife account. Facebook allows you to save your loyalty points though, so beware if you get a new phone.

  1. Have rewards for complimentary tix for Shark Reef and Dolphin Habitat, followed instructions, got to last step and it says it can’t process due to credit card error. There was no place to enter card info because the tickets were FREE. Very dissatisfied. How can I use these rewards if the mLife site doesn’t accept.

  2. So is it pretty much one reward at a hotel. For example, I can’t get a free comp night and food or show tickets at the same hotel, right?? Also, what if you and your spouse both have an account, can we both use points for something at the same hotel or not?
    Lastly, what if you plan on staying at more than one hotel, can you use your rewards at multiple locations for comp rooms, free play, food, etc…or are you limited to using rewards at one place during your stay? What if I redeemed points at one place and the wife at another? Sorry, the rules get a little confusing.

  3. How can I redeem free hotel stays on the MyVegas App? There are only 25 percent off. No comp rooms for the rewards. How come?

  4. how do i get to where i can put in my redemption code? and what about seeing the circled dates which where i am suppose to chose when i can stay?


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