Aria Rewards Guide: Free Rooms, Food & Drink at the Aria Las Vegas

This guide explains all of the free rewards available at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas. You can earn these Aria rewards for free by playing the myVEGAS app for Facebook, iOS, or Android.

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Points Per Dollar

Where possible, we measure all Aria rewards below in terms of points per dollar. We take the amount of loyalty points the reward costs divided by the cost before taxes.

Lower PPD rewards are better values because it costs you less loyalty points for each reward dollar you receive.

This way, you can see what the best bang for your buck is and use your points wisely.

Best Aria Reward in myVEGAS App

Travelling Alone

If you are travelling to Las Vegas alone and/or aren’t interested in any 2-for-1 or group rewards, we think the best deal is the complimentary room if you can get an available date.

The cost is steep at 200,00 loyalty points, but staying in the top MGM Resorts property on the Las Vegas strip for free is a very cool perk.

Travelling With Someone

If you are travelling to the Aria with someone, then the 2-for-1 dinner buffet is the best reward in terms of points per dollar. It is only 15,500 points for a full dinner buffet, which is $34 or more.

The Aria hotel has one of the best buffets on the strip, with custom carving stations and unique food options for everyone.

Free Aria Hotel Rooms

aria hotel room free reward with myvegas

Discounted Room Rates

For only 3,000 loyalty points in myVEGAS, you can get exclusive room rates at the Aria hotel. The rates are $109 for weekdays and $159 for weekends.

You should check out the regular rates on the official Aria website before buying this reward in the app. A quick scan through the calendar shows weekday stays for as low as $70 per night. Weekend stays are as low as $77 per night.

You might be able to stay for less than the deal price without using any of your loyalty points. These points can be used for something better instead.

25% of Room Rate

Cost = 8,000
Dollar Value = $20-100
Value = 80-400 ppd

For 8,000 points, you can get 25% off of the posted regular rate at the Aria hotel. In cases where the hotel is not running any promotions, this is a simple way to save between $20-100 per night on your room.

Complimentary Aria Hotel Stays

A complimentary room at the Aria hotel through the myVEGAS app costs 200,000 points. This is the most expensive complimentary room rate in the app.

The Aria is the highest value hotel owned by MGM Resorts on the strip.

Aria Food and Drink Deals

free aria rewards: buffet food and drink

Bottomless Beverage Pass

Cost = 3,500
Dollar Value = $19.99
Value = 175 ppd

With this Aria reward, you can enjoy unlimited Mimosas, Bellinis, Bloody Mary’s, and Premium beer and wine on tap with the purchase of an Aria buffet.

$30 off $100 at SAGE

Cost = 5,000
Dollar Value = $30
Value = 166 ppd

Sage is a farm-to-table restaurant in the Aria hotel from award-winning chef Shawn McClain. All items on the menu use natural ingredients, clean flavors, and seasonal ingredients.

Food at Sage is the Aria hotel is either three or four courses. Prices are either $90, $100, or $100 per person.

Cocktail at ALIBI

Cost = 7,500
Dollar Value = $20
Value = 375 ppd

ALIBI Ultra Lounge in the Aria is a premium drink lounge. It features an extensive beer, wine, and spirits menu. On many nights, ALIBI has a live DJ playing music as well.

Bloody Mary Breakfast at Aria Cafe

Cost = 8,500
Dollar Value = $28
Value = 304 ppd

The Aria Cafe is a casual American restaurant in the Aria hotel. It serves up burgers and french fries and has floor-to-ceiling windows and lots of light.

With the Bloody Mary Breakfast option, you’ll get two free Bloody Mary’s at the Aria Cafe. You get to build your own and choose what mix and side options you want included in them.

Aria Buffet Deals

The Aria Buffet features a vast selection of cuisines from around the world. As well, it has as an enormous dessert bar with premium gelatos and sorbets. The Buffet can accommodate the tastes of many, making it an easy choice for an early morning breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Dine in style and enjoy the classy design of this premium buffet just inside the ARIA Hotel.

The myVEGAS app offers three different Aria rewards at the buffet to redeem. The 2-for-1 dinner deal is the best bang for your buck at only 456 ppd (points per dollar). The big caveat is that you need to be travelling with someone else to share the deal with and they’ll have to pay full price.

For free Aria buffet deals, the lunch buffet is a better deal by nearly double.

2-for-1 Lunch Buffet (Mon-Thu)

Cost = 8,000
Dollar Value = $30.99
Value = 258.06 ppd

2-for-1 Dinner Buffet

Cost = 15,500
Dollar Value = $40.99
Value = 378 ppd

One Lunch Buffet

Cost = 19,500
Dollar Value = $30.99
Value = 629 ppd

One Dinner Buffet

Cost = 55,000
Dollar Value = $40.99
Value = 1341 ppd

JEWEL Nightclub Deal in Aria

jewel nightclub free aria rewards myvegas

Cost = 10,000
Dollar Value = Varies
Value = Varies

Entry into JEWEL Nightclub costs between $30-75 for men and $20-50 for women depending ont he night and the event. Beers start at $8 and cocktails are $15. In theory, this myVEGAS Aria reward could be worth as much as $90 for only 10,000 loyalty points or 111ppd.

Check the official JEWEL Nightclub web page for information about the specific night you are planning to attend.

$50 FREEPLAY at Aria Casino

aria casino freeplay credit with myvegas app

Cost = 150,000
Dollar Value = $50
Value = 3000 ppd

If you want free credit at the casino, this reward is available for 150,000 loyalty points. Casino rewards are amongst the worst in myVEGAS because of the possibility that you can win more money out of your freeplay.

The casino at the Aria is one of the newest on the Vegas strip. The Aria reward at the casino doesn’t cost any more than other casinos, making this a decent value.

What of the free Aria rewards in the myVEGAS app is your favorite? Comment below and let us know what you recommend for other followers.

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