MyVEGAS FAQ: Help on Rewards, Redemption, Playing

Do you have questions on how to successfully play and use the myVEGAS app or Facebook game? You aren’t alone! Come and read our myVEGAS FAQ which has the answers to some of the most common questions asked by others.

What is myVEGAS?

Click here to read our complete introduction guide to the myVEGAS game. It includes information on what myVEGAS is, common terms used in the game, and how to get started.

Is myVEGAS Free?

Yes, the myVEGAS app is 100% free to play. You can redeem real life rewards in Las Vegas and other locations without ever paying a cent into the app.

There is the option to spend real life money in the app to earn points and rewards faster, but this is not mandatory at all.

How Long Does it Take to Earn a Reward on myVEGAS?

This varies greatly depending on what reward you are looking to earn. The most basic rewards are only 1,000 loyalty points for 25% discounts at the Luxor or the Excalibur.

Many players report earning their first 1,000 loyalty points within the first day of playing.

The most premium rewards is 200,000 for a free night stay at the Aria hotel. From personal experience, this takes about 75 days or less of frequent playing time to earn. Your experience will vary based on promotions going on and frequency of play.

What do I need to redeem a reward from the myVEGAS app?

One source of myVEGAS FAQ confusion is the process for getting your Vegas rewards. In order to redeem a reward from myVEGAS, you must have a free MLife account. MLife is the rewards program for all MGM Resorts at Las Vegas. With an MLife account, you’ll be able to:

  • Track your dollars spent at MLife properties
  • Earn complimentary stays and additional discounts
  • Quickly book hotel, show, and restaurant reservations

All Las Vegas visitors should have an MLife account because it is free and gives you extra perks.

Click here to register with MLife now so that you don’t have to when it’s time to redeem a reward from myVEGAS.

How many rewards can I redeem at once?

The myVEGAS app has a limit of 3 premium awards redeemed at one time. If you are planning a trip to Las Vegas, it’s best to earn up a large stack of loyalty points and then decide what the best choices for redemption are closer to your departure date.

Users who spend real money in the app are rewards by being able to redeem more than 3 rewards at a time.

myVEGAS rewards do tend to go in and out of stock so it’s best to be flexible when buying rewards.

Should I Redeem Rewards Before or During My Stay in Vegas?

It is highly recommended that you redeem rewards in the myVEGAS app BEFORE you arrive in Las Vegas. The app uses your location when it is open. Residents of Vegas and people already in the city do not see the same selection of rewards as those outside.

In order to have full access to rewards and prizes, you should redeem before you arrive in Las Vegas.

Do you have any other myVEGAS FAQ questions to ask? Are you having trouble earning gold coins or redeeming awards inside of the app?

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  1. I had over 2 million reward points tied to an old Facebook account. Last purchase was 3/31/19, I would like to have access to my reward points for future purchases.

  2. Could someone post a picture of a screen (mine is Android) and say what each number is? Currently from left to right on the top there is a 69, 84%, 9,520, a little 3 inside a shield, and then the number of credits I have. I understand the 69 is a level, the 84% is how much I’ve earned until the next level, the 9, 520 sometimes goes up but sometimes there’s a green check mark and when that’s present the number doesn’t go up. The little 3 in the shield hasn ‘t changed even though according to the game I’ve earned other little numbers in shields, but they don’t seem to add to the little 3. Sorry if I’m being dense but I can’t figure out what some of these are.



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